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Uniform Carbon Microspheres

Release time:2019-10-09 17:07:07


Product use: It can be used as catalyst carrier, electrode for fuel cell and lithium battery, capacitor material, electrochemical hydrogen storage material, desiccant and adsorbent.
Existing preparation processes and problems: The existing preparation process of carbon microspheres mainly uses starch, lignin, heavy oil residue or coal tar pitch as carbon source, and adopts chemical vapor deposition method, mechanical grinding method, clay molding method and high-speed stirring method. Prepare by other methods. These processes are intermittent operation processes, many steps, long time, sometimes require high temperature and high pressure, harsh conditions; and the product has a large proportion of by-products, low yield, poor sphericity of the microspheres, uncontrollable particle size, single product form .
The present technology and characteristics: the technology uses sterol as a carbon source, and uses the two-phase microfluidic technology to prepare carbon microspheres, the preparation steps are simple, the conditions are mild, and the microspheres can be obtained in only a few minutes, and can be continuously produced. The product carbon microspheres have high strength, good sphericity, uniform size, and easy control of particle size, and can also realize solid to hollow, modulation from micropores to mesoporous carbon microspheres.
Carbon microsphere prepared by the technology
l The size can be adjusted between 50 micrometers and 2 millimeters, and the product aperture can be modulated between 0.6 and 3 nm.
l The saturated adsorption capacity of CO2 (44.5 cm3/g) is about 10% higher than the saturated adsorption content of CO2 (36 cm3/g) of commercial carbon molecular sieve (Takeda 3A).