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The 4th Pharmaceutical Process Forum

Release time:2019-09-30 11:11:02


Time: November 9-10, 2018
(Check in from 14:00-21:00 on Thursday, November 8)
Location: China National Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry (Shanghai Pharmaceutical Industry Research Institute)
Address: No. 285, Copernicus Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai (Zhangheng Road)
Organizer: China National Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry Research
               Shanghai Pharmaceutical Industry Research Institute
Organizer: China National Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry - Pharmaceutical Process Optimization and Industrialization Engineering Research Center
Around the theme of “Green Pharmaceuticals and Its Realization Path”, 11 conference reports and 6 special reports were arranged from the entire industrial chain of the pharmaceutical process.
In terms of drug synthesis, it is a great honor to invite the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Professor Chen Fen-er from Fudan University to introduce the latest research results in statin synthesis research; Professor Chen Rongye, a well-known expert and professor-level senior engineer in the industry, formerly Jiangsu Hengrui-Shanghai Source Dr. Zhang Fujun, General Manager of Biotechnology Corporation, and General Manager of Shanghai Shilai Biotechnology Co., Ltd., and Zhang Welfare, Researcher of Shanghai Pharmaceutical Industry Research Institute, introduced their research experiences and shared successful cases around the theory and practice of green pharmaceuticals.
In biopharmaceuticals, Mr. Chen Daijie, the deputy dean of the former China Pharmaceutical Industry Research Institute and now a special professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University, was invited to introduce the industrial development projects of the research group over the years, especially the achievements of the National Science and Technology Award.
In terms of catalysts, Prof. Zhou Yonggui from the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences introduced the latest research results in asymmetric catalytic hydrogenation.
In crystal engineering, Mr. Ren Guobin, a special professor of East China University of Science and Technology, was invited to introduce the latest research results - drug crystal engineering and anti-crystal engineering.
In terms of drug quality research, Director Chen Guiliang from Shanghai Drug Evaluation and Verification Center and General Manager Lei Jifeng from Shanghai Ambition Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. were invited to introduce drug quality control from the perspective of policies and regulations and formulation research and development.
In terms of safety production, it is a great honor to invite Professor Wang Rujun, the deputy chief engineer of the China Academy of Safety Science and Technology and the director of the Institute of Hazardous Chemicals and Safety Technology, to introduce the “safety status, prospects and policy interpretation of the chemical industry”.
Intelligent manufacturing is a hot issue in all walks of life. The meeting invited experts from the original equipment room automation and information technology of Shanghai Medical Engineering Institute. Mr. Tang Jiliang, an intelligent manufacturing expert of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, interpret the relevant issues of intelligent manufacturing in the pharmaceutical industry.
In addition, the conference also arranged a special report: chromatographic separation, Associate Professor Jin Yu of East China University of Science and Technology introduced the application of high-efficiency chromatographic separation materials and purification technology in the pharmaceutical industry. Continuous flow microreaction technology is one of the most important key technologies in pharmaceutical and chemical industry. For this reason, the organizing committee arranged General Manager Liu Quan of Efide Chemical Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Vice President Yang Hongmei of Shandong Haomai Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. The company introduces research and development progress and success stories in this field. Catalytic technology, Dr. Shao Lixiong from Wenzhou University introduced the practical application of palladium catalysts in the coupling reaction. Dr. Zhang Haifeng, Chief Technology Officer of Shanghai Shine New Material Technology Co., Ltd. introduced the application of azeotropic distillation in the separation and purification of pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Director of METTLER He Lu introduced the application of fully automatic reactor and process analysis technology (PAT) in process optimization and crystallization.
In line with the preparations for the National Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology Innovation Center, the forum sponsor Zhang Weili Researcher will present in the theme report “The Essence and Realization Path of Green Chemistry” in the five major technology platforms that need to be built in the future.